ISGPay by In-Solutions Global Ltd

Exhaustive Merchant Plug-ins

  • Payment gateway integration kit is available in 30+ technologies to the merchant

Seamless Integration

  • Merchant integrates PG based on instructions given in the integration document.

Online Support

  • For any kind of issues, the PG support team is always on standby
  • After successful integration, the support team provides live credentials and the merchant is moved to production.

Accept Payments From Anywhere

A payment gateway built for developers and business owners with simpler integration processes for e-commerce and resilient SDKs for mobile apps.

Built for Developers

With well-document SDKs, RESTful APIs, and plugins for all major platforms, making your payments live is easier than ever.

Simpler and Faster

Just a few lines of javascript embedded properly and you are good to go for a smoother checkout experience across platforms and browsers.

Resilient Mobile SDKs

Make your business mobile-ready by accepting payments on apps using our latest version of SDKs.


Platform SDKs

eCommerce Plugins